Work work work...

Okay so we got the pictures done today!!! 23 in total, plus I might list 2 other things just to make it an even 25!

They came out realllllly good, especially the 60s Go-Go stuff, and the 60s Abstract Caftan! I got them cut, cropped, and laid out, ready to go. I will go up to the Krystal on Saturday night and upload them with the Wi-Fi cuz it's faster, at least while I get the new episode of Doctor Who!!!

Anyhoo, so everything will be ready for SUNDAY NIGHT YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sp plz plz plz, if you haven't become a loyal customer yet, then now is the time!!!!

Keep those bids going girls, mama's got bills to pay!!! LOL!!! *grins*

Oh and I might be getting a new model, who will come by Monday night for some test shots, and she is also going to set up and design our MYSPACE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So coming very very soon!!! Make sure when it does go up, to join up!!!


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More cute stuff coming soon!

We just went and got lots of new stuff! Some cute little 70s skirts, lots of dresses, some tops, a cool caftan, and some bathing suits!

So please check us out Sunday June 15th! And plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ go see what we have up now!!!!

Also, I notice that a lot of people arent bidding till the last day or so, but we would really like to see bidding early on, cuz it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!!

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New Stuff!!!

We got new stuff listed!!

* 4 pairs of cute 80s shorts
*2 skirts
* 2 tops
* lots of cute dresses!!!
* cool cape thingy

We revamped the eBay store and Me page, with cute new pics, courtesy of BadWolf Photography!

So please go check us out!!!!
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Poor lil Jerica....

Omg she is suuuuch a doof!

Girl bought a Wii, and pulled her back out playing it and is layed up in bed, drugged outta her mind! LOLs!

Oh well, I was hoping we could take pics tomorrow, but it looks like that is not gonna happen.

Oh and we watched the movie "Control" about Ian Curtis from Joy Division. It was really brilliant. The guy playing him looked JUST like him, and even had his mannerisms down pat, and sang just like him too. And all the guys playing in tha band were spot on too!

It was depressing, naturally, but I thought they did a good job, not making it cliched and making a joke of his life and death, I thought It was beautifully done. Granted they left a lot out, and I would have liked more live concert scenes, but all in all, it was great!

Coming Soon!

Starting June 8th, we will be listing a ton of new stuff! We will list every Sunday at 9PM EST, with items running 7 days!

*2 pairs vtg 80s acid washed high waist shorts
*mexican dress
*empire waist maxi dress
*vtg 50s cheongsam
*MOD dresses
*DISCO dresses
*70s draped coccon cape coat
*80s secretary dresses
*90s Revival stuff

And SOOOOO much more!! You won't be disappointed! We are working VERY hard to make sure that everything we list is in great condition, wearable, and trendy!

We have lowered our shipping rates to ridiculously LOW LOW prices! We ship super fast! We package every item like a little present, to show you how much we appreciate your business! We will never just throw them in a bag!

We strive to make sure that ALL items are measured and described accurately, with awesome pictures, all modeled by the lovely Jerica, photography by Bad Wolf Photography.

So please, join us here on LJ, or check us out on eBay:

Welcome to Wicked Plum Vintage!

Welcome everyone to Wicked Plum Vintage.

We are here to offer all the fashionistas a place to blog about current vintage fashion trends, styles, must haves, and finds!

Either you found us on eBay, as a customer or a browser!

Feel free to comment on our weekly items! Post a pic of an item you won from us! Ask around for stuff you can't find!


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